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Why Cordyceps is My Favorite Energy Tonic

As an acupuncturist, I deal with patients who have been sick a long time.  People do not go to an acupuncturist when they have one health issue, they come to me when they have seen a dozen doctors with no relief.  People are usually very tired, have insomnia, pain, depression and many other ailments.

When I give people cordyceps, they always come back for more.  They always feel better, have more energy and want another bottle the next week.  They usually feel a difference in one week.  You can take cordyceps for a long time.

There is no contraindication for cordyceps like there is for Panax Ginseng.  Panax ginseng is used to boost the energy of the heart and improve the digestion.  It is not appropriate for everyone, especially people with high blood pressure.

I find patients who are very high strung do not do well with Panax Ginseng.  They can take cordyceps, however.  Cordyceps does not affect the heart energy the way Ginseng does.  Ginseng is used to strengthen the heart.  It is even used to revive people with congestive heart failure.  It is a very strong tonic.

When buying herbs, it is very important to buy a good brand that uses high quality cordyceps that has been processed properly.

Cordyceps should have a nice nutty smell.  The best cordyceps is usually a light brown or tan color.  If you try a cordyceps that does not smell at all, it is not good quality.  Good quality herbs usually have a smell.  I have found some cordyceps that are not good quality.  They look like flour.  This is a waste of money.

The dosage I usually give my patients is two tablets twice per day.  I often personally take more than that, but it is up to each individual.  Two tablets twice per day of a good brand is very effective.