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Cordyceps and Your Immune System


Cordyceps is used in Chinese medicine to make your lung energy stronger.  That is related to your immune system in general.

If your lung energy is stronger, it is easier to avoid getting sick.  Your overall health and energy level determines if you are as likely to catch a cold or flu or suffer from allergies.  That is a Chinese medicine theory.

Cordyceps has been used to boost the immune system for years.  In addition to helping to reduce the likelihood of catching something, once a person catches something, if his overall health and energy were good to start with, it is easier to get over or fight off an ailment.

By strengthening your lungs and kidney energy, your immune system is strengthened, according to Chinese medicine theory.  If you strengthen your immune system with herbs, over time you should have fewer health problems.

Cordyceps is a deep immune tonic.  It strengthens the deep immune system and makes it more able to produce immune complexes for the long term.

If you have an immune problem, especially if you have an auto-immune problem, please consider Leaky Gut.  Leaky gut is when your intestinal wall is too thin and it allows undigested food into your bloodstream.  Probiotics help to protect your intestinal wall so it is less likely to become leaky.

In my research into autoimmune conditions, it has become clear to me that leaky gut is one of the main causes of immune problems.  Taking NSAIDS can damage the lining of your intestines and make it leaky.  Also, taking antibiotics on purpose, or by accident through your food can kill the good bacteria in your intestines.

Here is a graphic:

Food allergies also can damage your intestinal lining.  If you are allergic to wheat or gluten, this irritates the lining of your intestine and can contribute to leaky gut.

Leaky gut is a very complicated disease.  In my experience, taking glutamine powder called Intestinew by Renew life has been very helpful.  The glutamine helps to rebuild the intestinal wall.  Glutamine also reduces sugar cravings and bodybuilders use it to improve muscle growth.