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Cordyceps and Libido


Many men want to take herbs to improve libido and functioning.  Women also can have issues with libido levels.  Often, a drop in libido level is caused by a kidney energy weakness.  Your kidneys get weaker as you get older.  This corresponds to a decline in the production of hormones.  The most important issue in aging is a decline in hormone levels.  Fortunately, we can address the decline in hormone levels with herbs.

My favorite herbs for libido are:


American Ginseng – This addresses the yin aspect of hormone decline.  It is especially good for women, because it improves libido and restores healthy “moisture” levels.  It can be taken long term to reduce facial hair growth and treat many problems that you get when you age.  I prefer American ginseng extract.  It is much better absorbed than taking the herb that is just chopped up and encapsulated.

Be careful when you shop for American ginseng to get the American type.  It is more expensive than the Chinese or Panax ginseng.  I do not recommend taking Chinese ginseng for libido.  It is contraindicated if you have high blood pressure.  It is not worth the risk.  American ginseng is a good tonic and it does not affect the heart energy like Panax ginseng.

I use the Sun Ten brand of American ginseng extract. It is typically only sold to practitioners, but they allow some companies to sell it online.

Goji berries – This is so strong for libido that in ancient times men were warned to not take too much goji berries when you were on a trip away from your wife.  I would agree with this assessment.  This is a liver and kidney yin tonic.  As a yin tonic, it can replace what you have lost as you age.  If you eat a lot of the berries or take a lot of capsules, you will see what I mean..

Goji capsules can be taken two per day. If you exceed two capsules per day, you will notice a huge increase in your Energy levels. Two capsules will improve energy without the sexual side effects. Taking large doses of goji berries will not harm you. It can be taken long term. It is also used to “brighten the eyes”. It improves eye health.

These are the best tasting goji berries I have found. I tested most brands on the market. This brand is very fresh and moist. Other brands are dry. You can eat these berries as a snack. They taste like cranberries. It is hard to describe the flavor, but they taste good.

Herbs I don’t like for libido:

Horny goat weed.  This herb is used in Chinese medicine to restore the yang, or male part of the kidney energy.  It is NEVER taken alone.  It is always taken in tiny doses for short periods of time.

If you take this herb, these are the side effects you can get very quickly:

  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Excess facial hair in women ( is any amount not excessive?)

Long term damage to your yin.  The yin is the part of your body that is important for longevity.  If you take horny goat weed, you can damage this.  It takes a very long time of taking herbs like American ginseng to restore this.  You will age faster also.  If you just take Cordyceps, American ginseng and goji berries, I promise you will not need anything else for your libido!

  This is horny goat weed.  It is also called “Epimedium” or “Yin Yang huo”.  It is better to take goji berries: