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Cordyceps and Kidney Yin

This is “yin yang huo“.  It is used very rarely in Chinese Medicine to treat kidney deficiency because it is very strong.  It is also called “Horny Goat Weed”, and is very popular for male health enhancement.  This is a good herb to use if you want to have insomnia.  Otherwise, I do not recommend it..

The kidney yin and kidney yang need to be balanced. If you take yang tonics, such as horny goat weed, you can very quickly get out of balance and have a yin deficiency. Some of the most common symptoms of a yin deficiency are insomnia and irritability.

5 palm heat– palms and soles of feet are hot
Ache in bones
Dark-scanty urine
Dry mouth at night
Night sweating— very common, with night flashes or overall feeling of heat
Nocturnal emissions
Poor memory
Sore back

A kidney yin deficiency is something you tend to get as you age. In Chinese medicine theory, there is a gradual decline of your kidney energy that can be addressed by taking Chinese Herbs. Cordyceps and He shou wu are very popular to treat kidney deficiency symptoms. They are very balanced and are often taken long term to treat signs of aging.