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Cordyceps and Incontinence


Incontinence, whether it is during the day or night, is usually related to kidney energy.  It is not the kidney organs themselves, but the kidney energy, as used in Chinese medicine theory.  Chinese medicine is about Energy.  A Chinese medicine diagnosis of a kidney or lung “Energy” deficiency, has no correlation to a Western Medicine diagnosis.  The two systems are completely unrelated.

Your kidneys are responsible for holding the urine in.  Your kidney energy controls your bladder.  Weak kidney energy means you will not be able to control your bladder.  Of course, there can be other causes for incontinence, but in Chinese medicine theory, it is usually related to your kidney energy.

Cordyceps can be used to strengthen your kidneys energy.  There are many herbs used in Chinese medicine to make your kidneys stronger.  Horny goat weed, known in Chinese medicine as “yin yang huo” is a kidney tonic.  The problem with this is that this herb is very strong and is often only used for a week or two.  If you use it over the amount of time you need it, which might be only a week, you can get a lot of health issues.  Common symptoms of taking “yang” tonics for too long are:

  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Feeling too hot
  • Hot flashes

I do not recommend anyone take horny goat weed.  This herb is never used alone in Chinese medicine.  It is also never used long term.  I recommend taking cordyceps instead.  Cordyceps will strengthen both the yin and yang of the kidneys.  It can be taken long term.  It not only strengthens the kidneys, but also the lungs.  That is why it is so effective to boost energy.  It strengthens multiple organ systems that are related to overall health and energy levels.

Regarding “overactive bladder syndrome”.  I never heard of such a disease until they came up with a drug to treat it.  You can simply have a kidney deficiency, treatable in Chinese medicine, or other problems could cause bladder issues.

Bladder irritation can be caused by:

  • Drinking too many soft drinks, which irritates the bladder lining
  • Infections – any frequent urination should be checked out with your medical doctor to rule out bladder infections.

Bladder infections can be deadly.  The bacteria can spread via your ureters to your kidneys.  Please consult your healthcare practitioner to rule this out.  A simple urine sample can be taken to check for bacteria levels.

For incontinence, I would take cordyceps power, it is stronger than cordyceps alone.