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Cordyceps And Fluid Retention (Edema)

Fluid retention, or edema, is caused by your body not being able to get rid of excess fluid.  In Chinese medicine theory, fluid levels are controlled by the Kidneys and Spleen.

This is where cordyceps can help.  Cordyceps makes your kidney energy stronger, so if you are retaining fluid that is caused by weak kidney energy, it can help you get rid of it.

If you have fluid retention, you might notice you go to the bathroom a bit more after taking cordyceps.  That is because it is making your kidneys stronger so they can function normally.

Acupuncture has the same effect.  We can stimulate certain acupuncture points that help your body get rid of excess fluid.

Many people do not even know they have edema.  There are two basic types, pitting and not pitting.

Pitting edema is when you press your finger into your flesh for about 30 seconds, after removing your finger, a little indentation stays there.  That is showing you that your body is retaining fluid.

If you have edema, please see your health practitioner.  There can be many causes of this problem and he/she needs to know what is going on with you.



Acupressure done for 5 minutes or acupuncture stimulates the points that regulate your kidneys.  Your kidneys are stronger and can get rid of excess fluid.

  The Points Kidney 3, 6 and 7 will make your kidneys stronger.  SP6, which is spleen 6, is also very strong to get rid of excess fluid and regulate the kidneys.