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Cordyceps and Coughing

Coughing can be caused by many things.  The most common causes are colds/flu and weak lung energy.  When you have a cold or flu, the virus can invade your lungs and you cough to try to protect yourself from it.  Your body produces mucus to dilute the virus.  Those are the common symptoms of cold/flu.  Profuse mucus and coughing.  If the virus is not efficiently dealt with, it the mucus your body has produced can grow bacteria in it.  This can turn into bronchitis or pneumonia.

It is important to deal with colds and flu as quickly as possible.  I use Echinacea extract and Elderberry extract.  I take it every hour or two.  Often people do not take it often enough or enough of it to make a difference.  They also take capsules or tablets and that is not effective.  Echinacea  needs to be in an alcohol extract.

Cordyceps can treat coughing that you get after a cold/flu.  In Chinese medicine theory, your lung energy is weakened by coughing a lot.  That is why sometimes you will have a light cough that can hang on for months after a cold.  This is called a “Residual Cough“.

Strengthening your lung energy with Chinese herbs such as Cordyceps, is a good way to make your lungs stronger and get rid of the cough.  Cordyceps is also used to reduce phlegm.  So, used after a cold, it can make your lung energy stronger and get rid of a small amount of residual mucus.

The only echinacea I have found to be effective is by Nature’s Way.  For some reason, not very many vitamin stores carry this.  I usually keep a couple of bottles handy.  I take several tablespoons of echinacea extract and combine it with the Elderberry.  The Elderberry tastes good, so it makes the echinacea go down easier.  I have found Elderberry to be very helpful for colds and flu.